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Nothing is more exciting than the perception of the decisive moment.

About photography and me


Photography is like meditation for me. I love searching for motifs, and immersing myself in scenes while enjoying the tranquility of the moment. Quietly observing and inspired by everyday scenes, I depict them in my predominantly high-contrast images. Light and shadow are the essential elements of my photographic work. Often straightforward, preferably minimalist, sometimes geometric, and sometimes unusual in terms of perspective. I like to show individuals in their urban environment, but without foregrounding their personalities. In the end, I create narrative and harmonious compositions with the aim of being remembered by the viewer.
A good photo does not have to be perfect, but the attempt of telling a story should be recognizable.



Art Gallery IntReal Hamburg
Group exhibition "Between Worlds" – until the end of 2024

Gallery Courtyard Hamburg
Solo exhibition "Monochrom" at the Courtyard Hotel by Marriott, Hamburg Impressions

Stilwerk Forum Hamburg
Group exhibition ReFraming Art: "Kiezmische" with ElbPhoto group, Hamburg Impressions

Treviso Photographic Festival 2021
Street photography exhibition in the city of Treviso, Italy – Impressions
Venice Photo Lab
Street photography exhibition in Venice, Italy – Impressions



Represented at the online gallery Artsper in Paris –

one of the world leaders in contemporary art.


Permanent exhibition at the Courtyard art gallery in Hamburg. Located at the Courtyard Marriott hotel.


Sven photographs urban landscapes in black and white. More than just beautiful atmospheres in an urban environment, his pictures are atmospheric and mystical. He uses clear lines and minimalist compositions. His pictures appear tidy, everything is in its place without distracting elements. The photographer knows how to use the effects of light and shadow. Strong contrasts and interesting perspectives make his work special. Sven found a good balance between graphics and mystique. Through silent observation, his photos express tranquility and quietness.



Member of the Elb Photo Group Hamburg


Member of the Streetcollective Hamburg

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